What We Do

BLOG: Our Blog is designed to generate a dialogue with people interested in exploring ways to react brilliantly to the challenges life is sending us now. I will share my thoughts and I hope you will jump in with thoughts of your own and/or responses to what I have to say. In addition, we will bring you information about how other people are living exciting lives now.

CONSULTING: My colleagues and I do consulting with organizations interested in thriving right now, and in responding to a pretty crazy world with innovation, focus and humanity. We work with leaders to develop strategies for a new era, and with work staffs to become brilliant, collaborative and human oriented.

COACHING: I do personal coaching with people who want to learn how to translate some of the ancient techniques we have been working with in order to develop a state of mind that is calmer, more incisive and able to explore new possibilities for happiness and effectiveness. I do this work with leaders of organizations and with individuals.