Excerpts From The Sun God & the Chaos Monster

From time to time, I will print up a passage from the manuscript I just spent the better part of the last four years writing. I am hoping all this writing will soon become a book.  Here is the first installment…

” … there are times in history when people come alive and generate new ways of thinking and living. And we know how they did it.

They changed the nature of the conversation they were having about their lives. They began to notice what they valued most and to look at what it would take to bring about a rebirth of meaning. This, they discovered, was a pragmatic matter and they became interested in what would really work and how to take sensible, effective action. As a result of this new conversation they began to see connections they had failed to notice before. Connections with other people, with new ideas and with nature. It was explosive.

An essential condition for this rebirth occurs when a number of people realize that normal has already slipped into the past, and that only if they make changes in their own way of seeing and measuring and acting is there any possibility they will play a part in making the world congenial again in their time. If this begins to happen to us, if we bring this awareness into being, we stand a fighting chance of living well, even as great forces slug it out all around us.”






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