What We Believe

Our world is undergoing an enormous transition that requires all of us to make significant changes in how we live. Naturally most of us are busy trying not to notice, hoping that life will return to normal or that other people will handle this for us. But of course we really need to break out of hiding and come out to play. Soon.

I believe that the key to living brilliantly in these times is a particular state of mind, open, curious, self-aware and creative, that will turn our lives around if we let it. A state of mind that has re-emerged throughout history whenever people needed to make major changes. I have made a thorough study of this state of mind and how it can best be put to use. It combines three traditions: modern social science, ancient philosophy, and mythology.

As a result of thirty years of developing this system and testing it, I have designed a process for thriving during changing times that works very well for individuals and small groups. I want to generate a dialogue with as many people as possible, based on what I have learned, that will renew lives and organizations, reduce stress and conflict, generate unprecedented innovation, one that can transform both personal and work life.